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What Does God Hear?

Have you ever heard a child in a store saying “Gimmie, I want that, I want it now!  I gotta have it.  Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!”?  Then he or she falls on the floor, screaming, kicking and crying.  What does that make you feel like giving that child?  Probably not what he/she is asking for.

Then there is the child who picks up something and says “Can I have this please...please...?"  But when he or she is told no, he looks at it and puts it back.  You know he/she is thinking “I know we don't have the money for that now even though I really want it.  Maybe we will get rich someday and I will get everything I always wanted just like that kid at school.”

Now which child would you be most likely to give something to?  Yet, aren't we all the children of God, (i.e. Creator, All-That-Is, Father, Allah, the Buddha, Universal Force, Jehovah, Goddess, Master, Sam, Joe, Joan)  It doesn't matter what name you call your God, He or She is allowing your soul to use your body for a reason.  He hears your prayers.  Which child does He hear the most?  I know His love is unconditional but do we ever listen to ourselves as God hears us?  And do we ever sit still quietly enough and long enough to hear His answer?

Some people only turn to God in a time of need or crisis, they make promises or beg for help then they feel guilty afterwards because they had not given God a thought for such a long time.  After the crisis is over, they will again forget to turn to Him or acknowledge God in their lives.  God understands and really does not hate any of us no matter how often we do or do not talk to Him.  
God is with us and in us every moment of our lives.  He feels, understands and experiences everything we do.  He has a sense of humor, a compassion and a love that is Omni (ie-greater than a human can experience).  He hears us even when we are not speaking to Him and even when we do not think He is listening.  He is always present.  
Just as we may hate what our children do sometimes, we could never really hate our children.  So it is with God.  We are His children, He may hate what we do sometimes, but He never really hates us for doing it.  He understands that we are souls in a human body using a limited capacity human brain and we are going to make mistakes.  He knew that when he allowed us to come here.  He did not make us perfect for a reason.  We have to learn and He teaches us just like we teach our children.
Talk to God when you think of Him.  You can call him whatever you want, He will understand.  It does not matter what name you call a friend as long as you keep in touch sometimes, you will remain close friends.  And a real friend understands that you have not had time to call lately but you still remain friends.  So it is with God.  He is our Friend.  No matter how often we do or do not call Him, no matter what we call Him (or Her if that is your preference) and no matter what we say, God is always listening.  He is listening even when we don't think He is.  We are His children. He is our Father and our Friend.  Thank God.

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