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A Vessel for the Spirit

We like to think that our individual lives are the only thing that matters.  We claim our "space" in our own little world.  We think that other peoples' problems are not our problems, that hard times and tragedy only happen to the other guys.  We never complain when things are going well but when bad things happen to us, we realize how vulnerable we are.  We sometimes think "Why me God?" or "This is supposed to happen to someone else, not to me."  But why not?  Of course no one wants problems, we all like to have everything go right all the time.  But it doesn't.  
Stop and think though.  If everything was always right, would we appreciate what right is?  We would not know or understand bad or wrong because we would never experience it.  Right or wrong and good or bad are all perceptions that we put on events.  The only way we can feel the difference is to experience it.  And our perception could be very different than someone else's perception of the same event.  
One person may love to watch sports or read books or surf the internet while someone else may think those things are terrible.  It is all a matter of perception.  One man's trash is certainly another man's treasure.  
We are all different yet we are all the same.  We are all souls who have come into this dimension.  We all are here to learn and experience in the physical lives we are living.  While we are different, certainly no two lives are identical, all of us are souls using bodies.  We tend to think that we are bodies using souls but actually it is the other way around, we are souls using bodies.  Our bodies are just vessels for our spirits.
God has allowed spirits to come here to experience a physical life.  In another Realm where joy and happiness reign, we may know that love and hate or good and bad exist but we would have no way of knowing the difference of how they feel.  That is why God allows us to come here.  And God is experiencing every moment of this life with us.  Even when we don't think He is around, He is with us, allowing us to experience and learn what we came here for.  God leads and teaches us and He allows us to learn through our joy and through our sorrow.  
God loves us without the human limitations and restrictions that we put on love.  He is Pure Love.  We are souls that He has created and no matter what happens to our bodies or our lives, our souls are not hurt.  
The body is only a vessel that gives the spirit a place to experience a physical life.  When the spirit has learned what it came here to learn and experienced what it came here to experience, it no longer has a need for the physical body and it is ready to move on.  The soul has no fear when the physical body expires, it is just another stage in the eternal life of the spirit.
When the body has expired, the spirit that housed it is alive.  The body cannot survive without a soul but the soul does not need a body for it to live.  The soul never dies.  
We are all saddened when we loose someone we love. But death only exists in the physical body, the vessel, not in the soul.  The loved ones for whom we mourn are still alive, they are only as far away as our tears and prayers.  Someday we will join them just as they have joined the ones who went before them.  Someday we will be together again.  Someday.
When you think of it that way, it becomes easier to understand  how all things are united with God.  Our bodies are vessels for our spirits and we are all part of God's creation.  Thank God.
Peace, love & light to you.

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