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Two Doves and A Cemetery

As I rode down a back highway today, I saw two doves flying over an old family cemetery.  It reminded me of where my parents were laid to rest and of two doves that brought me a message a few years ago.  This topic may be depressing to some people but I have learned that dying is just another phase of living.  Please allow me to share my story of two doves and a cemetery with you.

April 1995

Mom took care of Dad for over four years as he had Alzheimer's disease.  A year after his passing, I had  the sad occasion of telling Mom that she had terminal cancer and very little time left on Earth.  I was devastated.  She took my hand and said “If it is God's will, we will just have to accept it.”  They had been married 54 years and she told me all she really wanted was to be with Dad again.  As I watched her body become more frail, I saw her faith and anticipation become stronger.  We shared the little time she had left  together.  I told her I understood her love for Dad and although I would miss her and I would love her forever, it was OK for her to die.  She nodded her weak head and told me she loved me.  We said good bye.  When she passed on, I understood why she cried for “Just one more day to take care of Dad” because that was exactly what I felt for her.  On the day of Mom's funeral, I stood back as they moved her casket to her final resting place by Dad. I was reluctant to accept the fact that she was gone.  When I finally walked up to the grave, I saw two mourning doves sitting together on top of the freshly dug dirt.  They had sat there and did not fly away even though there were other people there before me.  Once I saw them, they flew together and perched on a wire nearby.  Together they watched us lay Mom's body to rest.  As I looked up at those birds, I realized they were my sign, my undeniable message from Momma and Daddy and from my dear God that they were together once more.  A feeling of total peace came over me, I felt a whisper of knowledge in my heart, I knew without a doubt that they were happy and they were telling me that it was all meant to be.  I knew that someday I will be with them again.  I thanked God for His Master Plan, for His Love and for the wonderful parents he allowed me to have.  The last beautiful lesson my Mother taught me in this life was how to die.  I thanked her for that and I know in my heart and soul that someday we will meet again.  Thank God!

April 2001

After I wrote the excerpt above, my son told me to look out the window.  There sitting together on a branch just outside my office window was a pair of mourning dove.  I looked at them and they both looked back at me, then they flew off together.  I have lived in this house since 1980 and never before have I seen two wild doves come so close to land, much less right outside my window!  I know for sure that God is speaking to me.  He gives us signs if we will just look for them.  I know Momma and Daddy are with me in my heart and will be part of me forever.  It is a humbling, gratifying, rejoicing, peaceful, loving feeling that is very hard to describe with our limited vocabulary.  Thank You God.  Thank You.

June 2001

I am adding another little event that just happened.  I had a lot on my mind recently and as I was driving I was asking God to help me get my priorities back in order.  The traffic light, which I thought had plenty of green time left, suddenly turned red.  I came to a rather fast stop and as I sat there impatiently thinking of what a waste of time it was with no other cars in sight, two doves flew up and landed on the traffic light support bar.  They just sat there and obviously looked straight down at me.  The light seemed to stay red much longer than usual and the birds stared directly at me.  I knew by the calm that came over me that God was speaking to my heart.  I put my thoughts and feelings back in order and realized that nothing is wrong or bad unless I make it that way in my mind.  My perspective changed, my priorities changed and my worries were no longer.  Once again God came to me and answered my prayers.  Once again I accepted His sign and once again I felt His Pure Love through my entire being.  God is with us now even as you read this.  Everything happens for a reason.  He is here, now, with you.  Feel Him, enjoy Him, acknowledge Him, He will never leave you.  You have nothing to loose but your troubles.

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