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Prayer and Meditation

Many people are searching these days.  They are using so many techniques, tools and words.  There is nothing wrong with any way that any individual finds his or her God.  If you envision white lights or rainbows or chant or sing or just sit quietly and pray, that is what is right for you.  There are countless books, web sites and other media dedicated to teaching us how to reach our God, Goddess, Inner Being, Spirit Guides, Angles or whatever.  We are all different and whatever we are doing is what is right for us at that moment.  Each of us must seek his/her individual path.  What is right for one person is not necessarily right for another.  

I have a hard time distinguishing the difference between prayer and meditation.  To me they have the same effect.  I have tried different forms of both prayer and meditation, they bring me closer to my Higher Being.  Visualization meditation, chakra meditation, moving meditation (Tai Chi), crystal meditation; they all are great.  Angels, Spirit Guides or just bow your head in humble prayer.  Whatever feels right and comes naturally to you is the right thing for you at that moment.  You really don't have to follow a set of rules or guidelines if you don't want to.  Just relax and do what your instinct (Inner Being) tells you to do.  And it is OK to change.  Try different ways, experiment, have fun.  You can't force yourself into meditating.  I think that is why so many people say they try to meditate but nothing happens.  That is exactly what you want, for nothing to happen!  When a thought pops into your mind (and thoughts will happen naturally) just think "OK, I thought that but I don't need it right now" and release it.  Don't be frustrated because you don't want your mind to work, you can't shut it off at will even if you want to.  Just accept what happens as natural, relax and don't feel like you have to try too hard.  

One day you will suddenly realize you are meditating and when you feel how natural it is you will also realize that you don't have to try hard at all.  You are not suddenly going to hear bells and see a dozen angels, no fireworks, no "welcome to the other side" signs.  It is a very quiet, very pure and peaceful feeling.  After a while, when you learn to relax and feel at home at that level, there will be a legion of Angels or Spirit Guides or even dearly departed loved ones you can ask to communicate with.  

For some people deep prayer becomes a meditation because it opens the connection between them and their God.  It feels the same as opening the crown chakra to the White Light, it just happens from a different approach.  I do that myself occasionally.  Sometimes I prefer to simply tell my Master how great He is and how grateful I am.  I just sit and contemplate my God's presence.  It is a form of meditation for me.  It is both exhilarating and humbling.  

I usually call my Supreme Being by either God or Master.  It does matter what I call my God, I feel my Master's touch and I am aware of His presence.  He shares every minute of our lives.  He cares.  Ask Him.  Listen.  You will hear His gentle voice in your heart.  It is glorious!   My one true wish for anyone who reads this is that you will feel the presence of God in your life.

Through prayer or meditation, through watching the sun rise or the rain falling, through watching children at play or through just feeling the glory of the life you have been blessed to experience, through it all is the presence of God.  Our life is a present from God, what we do with it is our present back to Him.  God is so good.

Peace, love & light to you.

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