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My Farewell Party

When I pass on, my family will mourn as all families do when they loose someone they love.  But I wish they would not grieve.  Instead I would like them to have a farewell party for me.  After all, I will not be far away, they just won't be able to see me any more.  My soul will still be alive.  The sun will rise the next morning (even if it is behind the clouds).  Another day will start.  Life will go on without me here just as it always has and always will.  I am just a passing soul, come to this Earth to experience this life I am in.  I am here to love the people I hold so dear.  

My husband has always been part of me and will always be part of me.  When I first saw him I was about thirteen and something told me instantly that I would spend the rest of my life with him.  I asked my friend what his name was then I brushed that thought out of my head.  Two years later when we met and fell in love we both knew on our first date that we would be together forever.  We have known each other before.  We are eternal soul mates and life mates in this lifetime and I am so grateful to have him by my side.  

My four sons, our bond is more than physical.  They are part of me yet they each have separate lives and are separate beings from me and from each other.  They share the bond of brotherhood yet they are all different.  That is what is meant to be.  They cannot and should not be alike nor agree all the time.  For life itself is the experience of diversity.  

My sons have brought their life mates into my life.  I am so thankful to have these lovely ladies in my life.  They are so special to me.  My soul has felt the love of their souls.

There are friends I have made through the years.  Some have stayed close in my memory even though we have gone separate ways to live our different lives.  But the experience of everyone who has ever crossed my path makes my life what it is.  As insignificant as a meeting with another person may seem, each person has some effect on the other.  Everyone matters, every experience counts.  Life is so great.

So when I die, they could have a crawfish boil if crawfish are in season (I live in Southern Louisiana) or a fish fry and crab boil (my sons would have the excuse to go fishing and crabbing that way) or have a bar-b-que.  Maybe a pot luck dinner where everybody brings their favorite dish.  Put on another pot of coffee and check the weather channel, see whether to plan something inside or out.  They wouldn't need a lot of people, just my family and closest friends.  No need to put on a show.  I don't live high-fallutin, no sense having a high-fallutin send off.  Instead of spending money on flowers, they could buy something for themselves that would make them happy.  I am enjoying flowers now while I am alive, why bring them to me after I have passed on?  I would much rather see my family get something that makes them happy.

They don't need to put "In Memory Of" on anything because the only people that it would mean something to would be the ones doing it and  I would already be in their memory.  And as for all that running to the cemetery to clean the grave and put on flowers, well that is nice if it makes someone feel better.  But the truth is, I won't be there!  My physical remains are not who I am (and will continue to be).  They could cremate me and not have to worry.  My dear husband made the suggestion that whichever of us goes first, the other would cremate.  Then when the other one dies, our family could cremate, then put our ashes together in a vase and spread us out somewhere together.  That way our remains would be together just as we are always together in our physical life.  That is probably the most romantic thing he has ever thought up and I truly hope we do it.  That way too, our sons and their ladies would not feel like they have to go to our graves to pay respects.  They respect us now and that is more important.  

I want my family to get on with their lives because before they realize it, it will be their turn to pass on.  And I intend to be waiting on the other side for them when they do.  Life on this Earth is short.  Eternity is forever.  Let's enjoy what we came here for.  When I die, just throw me a FAREWELL PARTY!

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