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Welcome to My Home Page!

I have created a few pages here from some of the things I occasionally find myself writing.  I am just an ordinary woman who never has enough time to pursue my inward desire to create.  Life is a mystery, a challenge, a dream that I find exhilarating.  
I have been lead to write quite a bit about life after life although I truly don't know where this information is coming from.  I get a strange inspiration which I just go with and write what I feel coming through my heart.  I am certainly not obsessed with dying, I am very busy living.  My family does not even know this side of me exists since none of them have ever read my writings.  But I do have a close personal relationship with my God and I just follow my heart.  Please make yourself comfortable here and visit my pages.  Thank you.
I am glad you are here.
I am so glad you are here, please stay and visit.
A stranger is simply a friend you haven't met yet.
Welcome friend!

Greetings and Welcome Friend.
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Below are the pages I have created so far.
Everything on these pages was written by me.
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My very special page has an inspired poem called "Beyond."
This page tells the story of two doves that brought me a message.
The candle flickers out.
The soul is forever.
God hears us even when
we don't think
He is listening.
The body is just a vessel
that the spirit is using.
This explains how I attain my closeness to the
God of my soul.
Why not a crawfish boil
or a bar-b-que?
The hectic and humorous side of my spirited bayou area family is on this  page with lots of slow-loading pictures.

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Thank you for visiting.

Thank you for visiting.

"Let There Be Peace on Earth"
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